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Monday, January 30, 2012

Easy to Make Pet Crafts!!!

Pet Crafts to Make

Fun with Photographs
If you love crafts as much as you love your pets, you can combine your two passions and create some truly memorable craft items for your family members and friends. Some of the crafts you create will be practical items you can use every day, while others will be wonderful decorative items you can admire for years to come. Still others can make wonderful gifts when the holidays roll around.

    • If you are the typical pet parent you have lots of photos of your four-legged friends. You can use those great photographs to create some practical items for around the house. All you need to create these useful pet crafts are your favorite photographs and some laminating paper. Make attractive coasters by placing your favorite pet photos on top of heavy-duty cardboard and using the laminating sheets to seal them. If you want to be even more creative, follow the same theme with your pet's food dish - creating a craft that is just as useful as it is beautiful to look at.

    Create a Gift Basket for Your Four-Legged Friends

    • Everyone loves to get gift baskets when the holidays roll around - including your favorite cats, dogs and other special critters. You can create attractive gift baskets for your pets - and for the pet lovers in your life. Simply start with an appropriately sized basket, then fill it with treats, food packets, toys and other special items. You can also create gift baskets for your family members and friends by including pet toys and food treats, along with gift cards for the recipient's favorite pet store.

    Create Your Own Picture Frame

    • Create a unique picture frame by taking some large dog biscuits and gluing them together in a square shape. Glue the dog biscuits to each other and then glue on a sturdy cardboard backing. Finish your picture frame by gluing a magnet onto the back of the picture frame, sliding in your favorite pet photograph and displaying your creation on the refrigerator. This craft is a perfect choice for kids who want to get in on the fun of craft night.

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