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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun, Easy Kid Craft!!!

I saw on today this really cute craft  I wanted to share with you, it looks fun and inexpensive. I really like homemade wrapping paper, it gifts extra special and personalized for someone.

Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

This is a simple way to personalize your wrapping paper using materials you probably already have. And your kids can help stamp!

•    Old paper bags or butcher paper
•    One or two potatoes (depending on how many stamps you would like to make)
•    Paring knife (adult supervision required)
•    Paper towel
•    Paintbrush
•    Paint


paper bag
Take your old paper bags, open them up and cut them to size (or use your butcher paper)

Cut your potato in half.

Make an outline of your desired stamp shape in the open side of the potato. Feel free to cut out a stencil beforehand.

cut potato
Once outlined, pass over again with the knife, making a deeper incision.  You will then slice away all of the areas outside of the stenciled area.

star potato
Make sure your stamp has a smooth surface.  All of the divots will appear in the stamping.  The imperfections can give it character though, so don’t stress over the minor flaws.

Dab the top of the stamping area with a paper towel in order to remove any excess moisture.

Wet your paintbrush with the paint color of your choice and paint the surface of the stamp. Be sure to keep the paint to a minimum.  The heavier the paint, the more the stamp with slide upon pressing.

paint and potato
Do a test stamping on a piece of scratch page.  If you notice imperfections, shave down and continue carving out your stamp.

paper and potato
Once your stamp is perfect, begin stamping your larger sheet of wrapping paper. Remember, only lightly coat the potato when stamping.  Too much paint will create smudging.
finished product
Stamp away! Let dry, and then wrap your gifts in your custom paper.

What kind of wrapping paper are you using this season? Tell me your giftwrap ideas in the comments below!

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