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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's the Biggest Loser Finale!!!

So, who will it be?? John, Ramone, Antone????
Alison Sweeney's Take on The Biggest Loser's Top 3 | Alison Sweeney

I must say this show has been an inspiration to me to keep moving and get healthy!!! Its incredible what some hard work and determination can do for your body. Cant wait til tonight.  Who do you think is the winner???
I have someone in mind but we will see if I am right. Watch it with me tonight.


  1. Enjoy your show tonight! I just followed from MBC. Stop on by! Kristy from a crafty diy homeschool healthy blog :)

  2. Thank you!!! Congrats to John who won last night!!He lost 220 pounds!!! thats incredible....