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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rice Wreaths...Kid fun and friendly!!

I found this really cute craft to do with my girls, I thought maybe you would like to try....Its always fun to do crafts with are kids, especially during the holidays. These are too cute!!!

This is an easy craft you can do with your kids!
 rice wreath

•    Rice
•    Glue
•    Pasta (macaroni and bowtie)
•    Red and green food coloring
•    Small round wood peg/block or wine cork
•    Paperclip

Mix dried rice with green food coloring. Let dry. In a paper bowl, add green rice and white school glue. Mix with hands until it combines and then mold into a ball and flatten into a circle with your hands. Using a round wooden peg/block (or a wine cork) on parchment paper, punch a hole in the middle and remove.
 rice wreath
In another bowl, place dried pasta (bowtie and macaroni work best) and color them red and green. Squeeze glue from a plastic squeeze bottle to glue on pasta to decorate your wreath. When the wreath is still wet, insert a paperclip halfway in at the top to act as a hook. When the wreath is dry, you can take an ornament hook and loop it through the paperclip to hang the wreath on your tree.
By Tori Spelling

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  1. That IS really cute! I'm going to show this to my mom...she teaches special needs children...this is right up her alley!!! Following you back from MBC!!