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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wear a crown for New Years!!

These crowns are fun and easy to make, your kids will love making these with you!!
Start a new tradition for New Years!

New Year’s Eve is one tricky holiday to get the family involved with. Most of the long-standing traditions of the event portion of it revolve around activities not meant for kiddos, and generally the big project for this day is finding a baby sitter that doesn’t mind an extra late night.
But, around our house, the festivities are all about the kiddos and the there are some big plans for getting the party started in fun, kiddo sort of ways. That meant we needed to get our festive vibe on and start some new traditions. So, the tiny people and I set out to create some New Year’s Eve crowns for them to sport.
They were, happily, super easy.
Here’s what you need:
- Construction paper (the heavier the better)
- White glue and stick glue
- Beads, stickers, pompons, whatever you want to decorate the crowns with (make sure the things aren’t too heavy or they will make the crown lopsided and hard to wear).
- Glitter
- Scissors
1. So, we took two pieces of 8X11 construction paper, turned them horizontally and drew an outline of a crown on one piece. Then, I put the two pieces together and cut the crown out so I had two identical pieces to work with.
2. Next, we smeared stick glue all over the crowns and covered them in glitter (messy, so make sure to put a cloth down). Decorating followed with lots of stickers, beads and other fun. You could make cut outs like a snowflake,do basically anything you want.
3. You can paste the two pieces together with white glue (don’t make the complete crown yet, just leave them flat) and let them dry for about an hour.
4. Finally, wrap the crown around your tiny person’s head for a perfect fit. Then, make the crown and glue the last ends together with white glue. Leave for at least another hour to make sure everything is dry.
There you have it.
Totally fun New Year’s Eve crowns to get the whole family involved ringing in the New Year.
Happy 2012!

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